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At Tikkaway, we believe meals should make someone happy and fill them up, not weigh them down. We take our inspiration from traditional Indian tastes & flavors, utilizing a complex blend of spices, but simplifying it to make the meal tastier, more fulfilling, and more enjoyable for everyone, each and every time.

our values


By not only working hard, but believing deeply in what we’re working for, we’ll discover we’re not just selling food, we’re creating a means for nourishment and happiness in this world.


By always giving back, and being responsible for our actions, we will nurture the world around us, whether it’s through healthy foods we offer or the things we throw away.


By always being genuine, with ourselves and all that we meet, we will remain a trusted and reliable source for helping our community discover fulfilling new flavors and foods.


By putting a loving energy into every meal and relationship we make, and being open to the energy of our guests, we will feel the true value of our hard work each and every time.

gopi, the force of tikkaway


Gopinath V. Nair, aka Gopi, is known by many as the Force of Tikkaway. On any day, you’re sure to find him personally serving up our tasty Indian-inspired dishes and sharing his positive energy with every guest. Gopi firmly believes that his boundless energy is a reminder to everyone that the things we do can change the world around us. Our good energy creates more good energy, and our happiness creates more happiness. That’s why he always encourages his team to make every single experience more enjoyable for all that we meet.

“We are all connected, and the energy we share when you’re here brings us closer.” –gopi


we’re built on connecting with others and trying new things

Tikkaway was built on connecting with others and trying new things, and it was by those values that we first offered customers the opportunity to share their thoughts on post-it notes. The personal connections made from this fun, unique, and memorable experience have since become a popular tradition shared in stores and online.

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