the tikka-way

Anyone who has been to a Tikkaway knows that this is a pure labor of love.  For our customers, we want it to be an experience that is more than just the meal and for everyone working with or associated with Tikkaway, its more than just work.

So what is the Tikka-way?

The answer is quite like the food we serve. Simple, wholesome yet filled with a myriad of flavors, textures and layers.

The core of it all is Passion with a capital ‘P’!! An all encompassing fire, that pushes us to be constantly true to ourselves and our beliefs, to do more and do better every single time. This core is layered with love, commitment, hard work and hunger. Our families, friends and co-travelers on this journey keep us grounded.

When this all comes together, it forms a movement with a beat so strong that it compels you to sway with the rhythm.

In the end its just 2 key words… Serve & Love

Love to Serve & Serve with Love!

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