redefining fast food

Ever thought how the context of the word ‘fast’ has changed over the last 5 decades? Once upon a time fast used to be ‘Bullet Bob’, now it is ‘Lightening Bolt’! A Trans Atlantic call at one time would take hours to connect… now you can reach the other side of the Atlantic in a few hours! Yes, our perspective of ‘fast’ has changed, but has it changed across the board?

Understandably, food and meal times have taken a similar route but some things don’t change, do they? While it is the generation of ‘fast food’, slow cooked food still rules!

Our lives have adapted to the faster pace around us and it’s really easy to fall into the ‘fast food’ rut. Is there an alternative? Certainly. Most people are attempting to eat better – more nutritious and healthy. With the insane pace our lives are set at, it is sometimes so difficult to follow through and even the best intentions can go awry. Luckily, with growing awareness, more and more people are choosing the healthier alternative.

Food that is fresh, balanced and healthy.

Hold on a minute… is that fast food or is it fast food??  Well, the answer is easy… its fast food…. Food that reaches you quickly, is fuss free and hey, easy on both your waistline and wallet is Fast Food!

That brings us to whether fast food can be good for you? Of course! You see, the choice is entirely yours.

Tikkaway specializes in this category of food that is really slow food, but served super fast! I suppose it’s the amount of love and care that goes into making it, that defines its goodness.

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